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 TRAXON is one of the world’s leading cargo information management service providers with
extensive practical experience and expertise in implementing e-cargo information interchange
solutions for the freight industry.

 TRAXON Korea is operating a network of offices and joint venture around world, TRAXON links
over 9,000 forwarder’s offices with around 90 international airlines worldwide. Now, TRAXON
Korea is going to provide advanced services.

 TRAXON Korea is a Strategic Partner in IATA’s e-Freight project and has been connected with
AIRCIS (AIR Cargo Information System) which is created by government. In this capacity, we will
continue our commitment to working closely with e-Freight technical working groups to help
achieve the implementation of IATA’s paper free e-Freight cargo environment.

TRAXON Korea Available Philosophy
The philosophy behind TRAXON is a clear one. The TRAXON network exists to simplify e-
Communication between all participants in the airfreight transportation network by

 › Reducing the various input and output communication channels into one single channel
  making multiple connections obsolete

 › Global implementation of neutral, sector-specific e-Communication services

 › Processing and the global distribution messages

 And last but not least, there is the central objective of making sure we help our customers
provide a better service to their customers. With TRAXON, only one link is necessary for all
airlines, freight forwarders and other logistics service providers.

TRAXON Korea Vision
 The vision of TRAXON Korea is to manage all e-communication for shipments from the shipper
right the way through to the consignee, make further global expansion of the air freight sector
possible, while at the same time ensuring the lowest possible cost for our customers.

TRAXON Korea Mission
 Our mission is to be the world’s leading and most accessible network allowing efficient e-
communication between business partners in the airfreight sector at the lowest possible cost.

Thank you!

We wish you success with EDI communication and thank you for your interest in TRAXON Korea.
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