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2013. Renewal e-Freight web site (www.e-Freight.co.kr)
2012. Launched e-Manifest for Korea Customs Service
2011. Launched e-AWB for national airlines
2010. Launched “e-Post” solution
2009. 2009~2013: Developed and administrated AIRCIS (AIR Cargo Information System of IIAC/MOLIT)
2008. Opened e-Freight web site (www.e-Freight.co.kr)
  Launched “TRAXON KDMP”, the C2K quality management
2007. Launched “OneTrack” (solution which is combined with FMS System)
2006. Joined the IATA e-Freight Preferred Partner
2005. Launched T-CESS (TRAXON Cargo Education Support System) service
2004. Opened e-Manifest web site (www.traxonams.com)
2003. Contract with Descartes System Korea
2002. Opened the e-Air Waybill web site (http://fwb.traxon.co.kr)
2000. Launched “TRAXON Web service product”
1999. Became the separate entity as Global Logistics System Korea Co., Ltd.
1995. Operated the systems in the GLS Asia Korea branch and started sales activities for AF, LH, CX, JL and KE
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