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Q1. What is TRAXON Korea?
TRAXON is a single gateway of the air cargo information service, which was established in 1991 with a joint investment
from AF, CX and LH. TRAXON is a compound word of “Track” and “On”. It is an EDI service name and brand in 1994.
TRAXON Asia branch was established with financial contribution from Korean Air and became an independent entity
in 1999 with the name of Global Logistics System Korea Co., Ltd.
Q2. What does TRAXON do?
TRAXON is the world’s leader in providing innovative value-added e-communication services for global airfreight industry. Operating a network of offices and joint venture around world, TRAXON links over 9,000 forwarder’s offices with around 90
international airlines worldwide. The end result is that TRAXON’s clients are able to offer their own customers a better and more cost efficient service.
Q3. How to join in TRAXON Korea service?
If you want to use Tracking, Schedule, e-AWB and e-Manifest, please send application form to us (helpdesk@traxon.co.kr). After checking your application, we will reply by e-mail and you can use our web site. If you have more questions, please contact us.
Q4. What is e-Manifest?
It is based on EDI declaration of the manifest (Master Air Waybill and House Air Waybill) which is obliged by Customs and border Protection (CBP). It is the comprehensive bill to block the mass destructive weapons and have taken effect from
Oct.2004. Carrier and Importer or broker are in charge of sending Manifest. This information is automatically distributed
electronically to handling agents and airlines by TRAXON Korea.
Q5. What is e-Freight?
e-Freight generally refers to the service procedures and systems designed to eliminate used of the paper documents
needed for air cargo transport and customs clearance, which have been exchanged between
shipper-forwarder-airline-customs by converting them to electronic documents. It is the beginning of simplifying
the business of IATA. (It is same as e-ticket of passenger airplane) The IATA e-Freight Message Improvement Program
(MIP) aims to increase the quality and exchange electronic documents between cargo partners.
The range of the MIP initiative is restricted to measurement of FWB and FHL representing
the Master Air Waybill (M/AWB) and House Air Waybill (H/AWB) individually
Q6. What is e-AWB?
The e-AWB is the electronic equivalent of paper AWB. e-AWB is designed to prepare, manage, print and send the M/AWB and H/AWB electronically. TRAXON Korea uses the data for the ready for carriage procedure, while the Customs
authorities use the data for risk analysis for export shipments. e-AWB brings cost savings and efficiency to the industry. TRAXON Korea has developed our e-AWB services for advanced visibility and convenience
so that going paperless will bring you more value.
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